British Gymnastics Proficiency Badges 8-4 #GymnastsAtHome

Some good news for our #GymnastsAtHome! British Gymnastics have released amended badge sheets for gymnasts to practise their next badges at home.

Once the activities have been practised and completed correctly you can email Heidi a video ( She will assess whether the badge has been passed or give feedback if gymnasts need to work on certain skills. Only 7 out of the 10 skills need to be completed correctly to pass.

Gymnasts should only work on skills they have been practising in the gym. 

Badges can be purchased via Go Cardless and posted to you once passed.

Please note. This is only permitted for badges 8-4 for home exercise. Other badges will be completed when we return to the gym.

If you are unsure which badge your child is working towards please email Heidi.

Badge 8 – Proficiency Core wallchart 8_for home

Badge 7 – Proficiency Core wallchart 7_for home

Badge 6 – Proficiency Core wallchart 6_for home

Badge 5 – Proficiency Core wallchart 5_for home

Badge 4 – Proficiency Core wallchart 4_for home

Have fun and good luck!