Gymnastics Badges

Due to British Gymnastics no longer providing the Core Proficiency Badge system, we have produced our own Badges. We have used gemstones to provide the names and colours of each badge. There are 15 badges in total with the first badge is called ‘Pearl’ and the last one is called ‘Diamond’. These badges are for our beginner gymnasts all the way up to the highest squad gymnasts.

The previous badge system was based solely on floor skills. These new badges are based on Bars, Beam (Girls), P-bars (Boys), Rings (Boys),Floor and Vault. The gymnast will need to achieve 70% of the skills to pass the badge and move onto the next one. As there are more skills than the other badges these will be harder to pass than before, and the gymnasts made need more than one attempt to be able to pass them.

The coaches have been given a conversion chart based on the old badge scheme and will start each gymnast on the new badges which is the next step up from the skills on their previously achieve badge. It is at the discretion of the coaches as to which badge each gymnast will start on, bearing in mind there are skills on each piece of apparatus. We will ensure each gymnast is starting on a badge that is achievable and progressive.

Parkour Badges

The Parkour badges are based on basic parkour skills and moves. The order of badges from lowest to highest is Orange, Green, Blue, Red and Black.