2022 Holiday FUN Sessions

Our popular Fun Sessions at Hewett run throughout 2022These sessions are for gymnasts from our recreation (one hour) and intermediate (1.5 hour) classes and wannabie gymnasts currently on our waiting list.


  • Friday 18th February, 9 to 11am
  • Friday 8th April, 9 to 11am
  • Wednesday 13th April, 9 to 11am
  • Friday 12th August, 9 to 11am
  • Friday 19th August, 9 to 11am
  • Friday 26th August, 9 to 11am
  • Friday 2nd September, 9 to 11am
  • Friday 28th October, 9 to 11am
  • Wednesday 21th December, 9 to 11am
  • Thursday 22nd December, 9 to 11am

NB. There will be an opportunity for non-members to sign up for regular classes 


Spring Hewett, The Hewett Academy, Hall Road, Norwich, NR1 2PW

Session cost?
£12 for 2 hours (subsequent siblings £10 – please complete a separate form for each sibling)

Gymnasts Age? 
4 years and above

What to Wear?
PLEASE WEAR T-shirts with leggings/shorts or leotards. Long hair to be tied back. NO jewellery to be worn.

Booking info? 
Booking essential! Please use the form below to sign up.