Spring Merchandise Gallery

At Spring Gymnastics we have a range of leotards, hoodies, tee-shirts and other goodies available for you to order.

If you would like to order any of our kit, please complete the form here:-

Short Sleeved Club Leotards






Please note. Squad training leotards are ordered direct from Quatro leotards – Quatro – Workout tank Squad leotards

Long Sleeved General Gymnastics Competition Leotards – GG Squad only






Long Sleeved Women’s Artistic Competition Leotard – WA Squad only






Boys Unitards






Zoodie (Zipped Hoodie, logo embroidered on left breast)






Spring Hoodie (logo embroidered on front)






Parkour Hoodie (logo embroidered on left breast AND back)





Spring Gymnastics T-Shirt (logo embroidered on front)






Parkour T-Shirt (logo embroidered on back)






Polo Shirt (name embroidered on front, logo embroidered on back – silver stitching)






Spring Shorts (logo on front, name on back)





Drawstring Bag






Friends of Spring Gymnastics items – CASH/Cheque payable to Friends of Spring Gymnastics only

Collapsible Water Bottle – Spring Teddy – Sweat Bands (wrist)